• Capital Improvements

    A close look at the preparations for phase two of the Rotunda renovation project.

  • U.Va. researchers say that what teenagers are looking for is a chance to put their growing ideas and capacities to work. And teens may never feel as close to their parents as during these years.

    The Truth About Teenagers

    What teenagers are looking for, researchers say, is a chance to put their growing ideas and capacities to work.

  • From the Heart

    Faculty and staff talk about what motivates them to help.

  • Labor of Love

    Stories of love arrive by the thousands every year in the email inbox of Daniel Jones (Col ’85).

Spring 2014

Spring 2014

Capital Improvements: What's Next for the Rotunda. Plus: Faculty and staff go the extra mile, modern love, and teen research

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The Cornerstone Plan

The Cornerstone Plan

An infographic explains the implementation of the five-year strategic plan for the academic division of the University.

R&D: The Brain

R&D: The Brain

U.Va. researchers look at genetic variation among brain cells; top-of-the-tongue phenomena; and a new method for diagnosing traumatic brain injuries.

When They Knew

When They Knew

We asked several Cavaliers to recall the moment in time when they knew they were good enough to play for U.Va.

Wrestling Rising 1

Wrestling Rising

The University's wrestling team has had a number of firsts and bests since Steve Garland took over as head coach six years ago.

Aristocracy of Talent

University President Teresa Sullivan discusses plans for recruiting and supporting a more economically diverse student body.

New & Notable

New & Notable

Poetry, scholarship, a young adult novel and a southwestern cookbook.

Alumni Spotlight

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The Chosen One

Read an edited version of the first chapter of Fritz Franke's new book, "The Chosen One."

The List

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Lou Bloomfield: The Invention of Vistik

The Invention of Vistik

UVa's Professor of Physics Lou Bloomfield takes us through the journey that led to his...

Photo Gallery

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We hate to see our kids suffer and be in pain, but pain is a feature to learn from. What young people need is the chance to struggle with challenges. We need to let them be adults.

Joseph Allen (Col '80), professor of psychology and director of clinical training at U.Va. He and his wife, Claudia Worrell Allen (Grad '96), are coauthors of a new book, “Escaping the Endless Adolescence.’’