Summer 2014

Summer 2014

Special Feature: Object Lesson, Telling the University's Story One Piece at a Time

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May E-newsletter: The Photography Issue


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The Honor Committee chair says that the Informed Retraction option, introduced in April 2013, has been a success. What’s your opinion on the addition of Informed Retraction?

  A needed change that has improved the Honor System
  A mistake that has harmed the Honor System
  Too soon to know what the effect will be


Back to the Future

Back to the Future

Only some of Manning's ideas came to be, but he defined a way of thinking about growth at the University and raised important questions about building values.

The Maestro 1

The Maestro

From March 31 to April 2, Glass was in residency on Grounds, working with undergraduate and graduate students.

Kings of Freedom

Kings of Freedom

A section of the Berlin Wall, with a spray-painted mural titled "Kings of Freedom," has been installed on Central Grounds.

Physical Science 1

Physical Science

John Brenkus, creator and host of ESPN's Sport Science, explains the physics and physiology of four U.Va. athletes.

Alumni Spotlight

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Nathan Johnson (l) and James Bash,  founders of the Curry School Desegregation Center, in 1967. Photo courtesy U.Va. Special Collections Library


J. Roy Vorhauer (Educ '67, '77) worked for 27 years as teacher, coach, principal, and professor, trying throughout...

The Slick Bib

During my undergraduate studies at U.Va. I strengthened a habit and a mindset of...

The List

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Lou Bloomfield: The Invention of Vistik

The Invention of Vistik

UVa's Professor of Physics Lou Bloomfield takes us through the journey that led to his...

Photo Gallery

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Where Am I (July 2014)?

**Contest Closed** Congrats to Debbie White (Col '90) for correctly guessing that the above image is...


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Over the next 10 years the mystery of the neurome will unravel. We will eventually have a detailed picture of the entire central nervous system and how variations in that system directly affect human health.

U.Va. engineering professor Scott Acton, one of a team of international researchers working to map the tens of millions of neurons that make up the central nervous system