• We Come from Old Virginia

    Eight longstanding faculty members look back on their years at the University.

  • Look Ma, No Batteries

    By combining the capabilities of the Internet, an expanding wireless network and ever-shrinking electronic devices, the Internet of Things is connecting devices and people in ways that could change our lives.

  • Do the Robot

    In her lab in U.Va.’s Olsson Hall, Amy LaViers, assistant professor in systems and information engineering, can make robots dance.

Fall 2014

Fall 2014

A look at the inner workings of a Cavaliers football game; U.Va.'s Center for Design and Health is working to improve environments around the world; challenge yourself with a Wahoo-worthy workout; and more.

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November E-newsletter: The Technology Issue


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The Honor Committee chair says that the Informed Retraction option, introduced in April 2013, has been a success. What’s your opinion on the addition of Informed Retraction?

  A needed change that has improved the Honor System
  A mistake that has harmed the Honor System
  Too soon to know what the effect will be


Any Given Saturday

Any Given Saturday

Go behind the scenes at Scott Stadium for a look at the inner workings of a Cavaliers football game.

Making the Case for College 3

Making the Case for College

Ian Baucom, the new dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, believes that U.Va. can provide leadership in reframing the role of higher education in America.

Better Living Through Architecture 2

Better Living Through Architecture

The School of Architecture's Center for Design and Health studies ways to improve the design and planning of buildings and environments for human health.

The Voice of His Generation 5

The Voice of His Generation

Since launching Reddit.com with his dorm mate Steve Huffman (Engr ’05), Alexis Ohanian (Com ’05) has emerged as the face and voice against government restrictions on the Internet.

Is Winning Everything?

Is Winning Everything?

Media studies professor Shilpa Davé looks at ideas of competition, from The Hunger Games and America's Got Talent to college admissions and spelling bees.

Southern Sensibility

Southern Sensibility

Charles Wright, professor emeritus of the U.Va. English department’s Creative Writing Program, is 2014-15 Poet Laureate of the United States.

Alumni Spotlight

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Nathan Johnson (l) and James Bash,  founders of the Curry School Desegregation Center, in 1967. Photo courtesy U.Va. Special Collections Library


J. Roy Vorhauer (Educ '67, '77) worked for 27 years as teacher, coach, principal, and professor, trying throughout...

The Slick Bib

During my undergraduate studies at U.Va. I strengthened a habit and a mindset of...

The List

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Do the Robot

Do the Robot

In her lab in U.Va.’s Olsson Hall, Amy LaViers, assistant professor in systems...

Ringing the Carillon

Ringing the Carillon

Jared Loewenstein (Col '66, Grad '68, '92) shows how the University Chapel bells keep chiming. ...

Photo Gallery

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Where Am I (October 2014)?

**Contest Closed** Congratulations to Rebecca Cooper Coleman, librarian in the Fiske Kimball Fine Arts Library,...


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It is a synergistic marriage that has Mother Nature smiling.

Paul Tudor Jones II (Col '76), describing a partnership between U.Va. and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to establish a graduate-level conservation program. Jones is a NFWF board member and a major benefactor of the University.