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No matter where our money comes from, I don’t see the University of Virginia ever failing to be public, in the sense of being dedicated to and interested in the welfare of the commonwealth and of the larger country. We’ll always be public that way. It’s in our DNA.

Teresa A. Sullivan, speaking at a press conference after becoming UVA’s eighth president

Life is much more fun if you’re always learning.

Professor emerita Anita Jones, who helped raise UVA’s computer science program to national prominence

Albert Camus wrote that “The evil that is in the world almost always comes out of ignorance.” Knowledge, then, is evil’s first enemy and good’s first line of defense.

Former UVA President John T. Casteen III speaking at the Class of 2010 Final Exercises

For me, the privilege of American freedom and American education and the opportunities they offer are inexorably intertwined.

Joseph Neubauer, chairman and chief executive officer of ARAMARK, speaking after receiving the 2010 Thomas Jefferson Foundation Medal for citizen leadership

The best way to appreciate leaders … is by observing their deeds, which sparkle behind them in a brilliant spangle of light like the trail of a comet splashing across the heavens.

NBC news correspondent and UVA alumna Sara James (Col ’83), speaking at the University's second Women in Leadership Conference

The first-ever collisions of beams marks the true beginning of an adventure into an unknown realm of physics.

Brad Cox, one of several UVA physicists involved with the Large Hadron Collider outside Geneva. The facility, designed to increase knowledge about the beginnings of the universe, recorded its first collision of protons recently.

A new idea doesn’t come from a committee. It comes from an individual with an idea. I consider myself a small scientist. There still is space for a small scientist with a good idea.

Nobel Laureate Oliver Smithies speaking to a group of UVA bioscience leaders and students in the Rotunda

We hate to see our kids suffer and be in pain, but pain is a feature to learn from. What young people need is the chance to struggle with challenges. We need to let them be adults.

Joseph Allen (Col ’80), professor of psychology and director of clinical training at UVA. He and his wife, Claudia Worrell Allen (Grad ’96), are coauthors of a new book, Escaping the Endless Adolescence.

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