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It is a synergistic marriage that has Mother Nature smiling.

Paul Tudor Jones II (Col ’76), describing a partnership between UVA and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation to establish a graduate-level conservation program. Jones is a NFWF board member and a major benefactor of the University.

When I walked the Lawn … I felt I was standing on the Grounds that tell the story of higher education in America.

John D. Simon, upon being named UVA’s new executive vice president and provost on Aug. 24

Over the next 10 years the mystery of the neurome will unravel. We will eventually have a detailed picture of the entire central nervous system and how variations in that system directly affect human health.

UVA engineering professor Scott Acton, one of a team of international researchers working to map the tens of millions of neurons that make up the central nervous system

Having five colleges and universities named to this prestigious list reinforces that the Commonwealth is a national leader for higher education.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell in a statement after the Princeton Review ranked the University of Virginia, William & Mary, James Madison, Virginia Tech and the University of Richmond among best values in higher education (UVA was ranked the nation’s best value among public universities)

I don’t think there is anything that I have seen that was more important to our future and to the quality of the place than the admission of women in 1970. It was a changing moment for the University.

Leonard W. Sandridge, UVA’s executive vice president and chief operating officer, speaking in a February 2011 newspaper interview about changes at the University

The universe would be a boring place. There would be no stars, no planets, no people, no books. There would be no filet mignon.

UVA physicist Craig Dukes, speaking about the slight abundance of matter over anti-matter at the birth of the universe

Learning often involves unlearning. We as a society have to examine what we’ve been taught.

Film director Tom Shadyac (Col ’81), speaking about his documentary I Am before its screening at the 2010 Virginia Film Festival

Experiences make us happier than [material] things [because] experiences are more likely to be shared with other people, and other people are our greatest source of happiness.

UVA psychology professor Timothy Wilson, co-author of a study that suggests people are often happier when spending money on experiences rather than material things

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