Feb 01, 2012

The Rotunda’s roof is leaking and needs to be replaced. What should the new roof look like?

  • Like the current one
  • Stanford White's copper dome
  • Jefferson's chalky gray shingles


  • Like the current one: 72%
  • Jefferson's chalky gray shingles: 15%
  • Stanford White's copper dome: 9%
  • Total Votes: 306
This Old Academical Village

This Old Academical Village
Preserving a national treasure

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Essence on 2012 06 19

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Randi on 2012 06 21

Wow, it’s HBO, it must be true. Hamilton: born a poor bastard, self-made man, a hero of the battle of New York, never enriched himself with government landholdings, died broke.  Guess he should have followed Jefferson’s example as a slaveholder.  History may have proved the Federalists wrong, but to think that Hamilton was somehow a post-revolutionary version of Henry Paulson and deserved to die in a duel is, frankly, absurd. If anyone is actually intrested in Hamilton’s life there is an abridged version of the great 2-volume biography by Mitchell Broadus still in print.

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