Jan 21, 2013

Do you agree with the Honor Committee’s proposed modifications to the Honor System?

  • Yes
  • No


  • No: 56%
  • Yes: 44%
  • Total Votes: 196
Honor Committee Proposes Changes to System

Honor Committee Proposes Changes to System
Group believes proposals will address challenges facing Honor

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Barbara Koch Silversmith on 2013 01 24

Don’t think the revisions to the Honor Code will solve the problems. A year withdrawal is still draconian enough that cheaters will continue to cheat. I do believe the problems were correctly identified; I just don’t think the proposed solution (year withdrawal) will solve the problem. Perhaps UVA is now too large to sustain an honor code.

Josh Blum on 2013 01 24

I agree that the juries need to be more informed.  The decision to go back to elected juries would seem to address this.  I think that the culture of the honor code needs to be addressed, and as such, perhaps the penalty for admitting fault should be a semester rather than a year.  The problem is that there are very real and increasing financial pressures on students to do well and continue with their studies.  I have hope, but I fear that this may be the driving force behind the dishonesty: not laziness, but fear.

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