Winter 2018

Winter 2018


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Winter 2018

On Common Grounds

An incomplete list of notable alumni who shared the University

The giants among us: A roundup of alumni who walked from the Lawn to prominence.

Winter 2018

What Lies Ahead for Higher Ed

UVA has distinct advantages as it enters its next century. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

UVA has clear advantages entering its next century. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy.

Winter 2018

200 and Growing

Celebrating the past two centuries. And the next.

Take an overhead look at UVA then and now, and explore the features of the Bicentennial issue.

Winter 2018

The Class of the Classroom

From the beginning, teaching has been part of UVA’s DNA. Here are some of your favorite professors through the years.

At a University that raises teaching to an art form, we applaud some of the virtuosos.

Winter 2018

Serpentine Timeline

Some of the twists and turns of UVA history

Study up on the twists and turns of UVA's history, from the laying of the cornerstone to the inauguration of the ninth president.

Winter 2018

A Hat Tip to UVA

And just what is it about this place

Other schools’ alumni love their alma maters too. But it’s just not the same. Here’s why.

University Digest

Winter 2018 3

An Unflinching Report

The President's Commission on Slavery and the University releases its final report and recommends further action after 5 years of research.

Winter 2018

News Briefs

No Room at the Inn  There was no giant wrecking ball when UVA started...



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From the Publisher

From the Publisher

UVA Alumni Association President and Virginia Magazine Publisher Jenifer G. Andrasko outlines how the Alumni Association supports global experiential learning.

From the Editor

From the Editor

Editor S. Richard Gard Jr. provides a preview of the magazine’s Winter offerings.