Summer 2008

Summer 2008

Soldiers’ Stories

Alumni talk about a life of combat

We spoke with alumni in the military about their experiences. They range from infantrymen and aviators to doctors, engineers and chaplains.

Summer 2008

The Continuing Education of Ms. Groves

Armed with new skills, Monica Groves (Col ’04) returns to scene of documentary

After a rocky first year in an Atlanta school, Groves decided to put her Harvard master's degree to work in the community that first helped her.

Summer 2008

The Hair Detective

For Professor Stephen Macko, a simple strand of hair can be surprisingly revealing

Through isotopic hair analysis, environmental sciences professor Stephen Macko can tell what his students ate for breakfast and what Oetzi the iceman enjoyed during an ancient repast.

Summer 2008

A Sound for All Seasons

Cavalier Band builds tradition from ground up

Student leadership, always at the heart of UVA's band, is helping guide the group to a new level.

Summer 2008


University Digest

Summer 2008

Three History Amigos

BackStory, a weekly call-in radio show, features UVA historians Peter Onuf and Brian Balogh teamed with Ed Ayers, president of the University of Richmond and a former UVA historian and dean, as the "history guys," and their on-air patter might beg comparisons with Click and Clack of NPR’s Car Talk.

Summer 2008

Thirst for Knowledge

When more than a billion people lack clean drinking water, the efforts of two UVA students might seem like a drop in the bucket.

Summer 2008

News Briefs

High Honors The University of Virginia bestowed its highest external honors—the annual Thomas...

Summer 2008


"Orbiting the earth, as thrilling as it is, is not exploring space."

Summer 2008

Gusburger in Paradise

As part of the annual Springfest festivities at Nameless Field, students tested their gastronomic limits...

Summer 2008

Opportunity, Not Poverty

The third-year economics student won a 2008 Truman Scholarship, worth about $30,000, for his leadership potential and commitment to public service. With sufficient credits to receive his bachelor’s degree this spring, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in public policy this fall.

Summer 2008

All Aces

Fourth-year Somdev Devvarman, ranked No. 1 in the nation and the NCAA defending singles champion, led...

Summer 2008

Close Call

The prospect of asteroids smashing into Earth might seem highly unlikely, but for astronomers like UVA research scientist Greg Black, it’s a scenario to be taken seriously. A large asteroid could cause catastrophic damage; asteroids have hit the planet many times in the past and may have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Summer 2008

Cartoon Flaps

A cartoon that caused an uproar after its publication in the student newspaper last year was at the center of another wave of controversy this spring.

Summer 2008

A Career in Caring

Lancaster will step down in August as dean of the UVA School of Nursing. She has held the position since 1989, making her the longest tenured dean on Grounds.

Summer 2008


Galloway’s work earned him the 2008 Tyler Environmental Prize, which is administered by the University of Southern California and is considered the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in the fields of environmental science, energy and environmental health.

Summer 2008

Puzzling Appearance

The author and editor of more than 150 books, founder of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament and subject of the 2006 documentary Wordplay, Shortz returned to Grounds on April 3 to deliver a lecture and challenge his audience with puzzles.

Summer 2008

Return on Investment

Gustafson has used her skills in making a living as an investor to give back to the University, and for her contributions the UVA Women’s Center selected her for its 2008 Distinguished Alumna Award.


Summer 2008

Having a Ball

Prum began playing professional paintball—where two teams play capture-the-flag by shooting at each other on a battlefield of inflated bunkers—his second year at UVA. After graduating, he plans to move to San Diego to work for KEE Action Sports, one of his team’s sponsors.

Summer 2008

Twenty-five Love

{article_images_2} Few things in sports rank up there with an undefeated season. Except, maybe,...

Summer 2008

Hoopla for Singletary

He became the fifth Cavalier to score 2,000 points (2,062), and he is the only player in ACC history to have 2,000 career points, 500 career assists, 400 career rebounds and 200 career steals.

Summer 2008

No Balking at Relief

It comes as little surprise that O’Leary would tackle an issue like Katrina relief with such energy. She played volleyball at UVA as a first- and second-year, then joined the softball team. She saw time as a pitcher early in her career before becoming a full-time outfielder.

Summer 2008

An Olympic First

Cromer (Col ’02, Grad ’03) was an All-American at UVA, and visions of standing on the winners’ podium at the Olympics bring a smile to her face.

Summer 2008

Right Place, Right Time

Freed has to play the role of mentor and psychologist, and on occasion she has to trot out to the circle and talk to a Cavalier pitcher, even though she hated when coaches did that to her as a player.

Summer 2008 3

Top of Their Game

They have no coaches. They have little money. And they have no adequate University practice facilities. But the men’s and women’s squash teams at UVA have lots of spunk and talent, judging from national championships they brought home from a tournament at Harvard in February.


Summer 2008

Carnival Atmosphere

Since 2006, Mason has been using his skills with a camera to capture the spirit and color of Carnival in Cape Town.

Summer 2008

New & Notable

Just Enough Anxiety: The Hidden Driver of Business Success Robert H. Rosen (Col ’77) The Penguin...

Summer 2008

Required Reading: Michael J. Klarman

A leading authority on the history of civil rights law, UVA law professor Michael J. Klarman won the 2005 Bancroft Prize for his book From Jim Crow to Civil Rights.

Summer 2008 1

Heating Up

Sparky’s Flaw is a classic story of a high school garage band made good, and is as homegrown as they come.

More Departments

Bringing Ideas Together

The center, located on two acres on Maury Avenue, is scheduled for completion by the beginning of the 2009 fall semester.



Student uncovers far-reaching security threat

All Aboard the Campaign Trail

College students have historically been dismissed as unreliable by pundits and political advisers. At the polls, their numbers tend to be disappointingly low. But these students are clearly not the fickle supporters that political strategists have assumed.


1957: Faulkner Among the "Snobs"

After Faulkner arrived on Grounds, his "observations on ‘Virginia snobs’ caused somewhat of a sensation," wrote Virginius Dabney in Mr. Jefferson’s University. "He liked the state, he said, ‘because Virginians are all snobs and I like snobs.’"

Cuba from the Bottom Up

Nowhere has news of what was, by all accounts, one of the most anticipated transitions of power been received with more yawning than in Cuba itself.