Summer 2006

Summer 2006
Summer 2006

The Cerenkov Blue

When UVA went nuclear

In 1960, UVA was on the vanguard of the emerging field of nuclear energy. Then came Three Mile Island.

Summer 2006

The Master Builder

Completion of the John Paul Jones Arena caps Dick Laurance's remarkable career

For the past 18 years, this construction wizard has steered UVA's highest-profile projects on time and on budget, smiling all the way.

Summer 2006

Queen of Slag

Transforming Industrial Wastelands

Hailed as the toxic beauty queen of brownfield remediation, landscape architect Julie Bargmann is helping to regenerate forsaken sites and bring them back into the community fold.

Summer 2006

Ultimate Questions

The Debate Over Intelligent Design

Two centuries after the founding of Thomas Jefferson's university, students and faculty are still exploring the interplay among science, religion and the state.

Summer 2006

The Art of Giving It Away

Metal worker Gary Rosenthal trades profits for mitzvot

A leading designer and purveyor of Judaica, this Darden grad follows an equally creative business plan.

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