Fall 2011

Fall 2011

Football’s Founding Fathers

Today’s college game shaped by UVA

At the dawn of the early 20th century, UVA championed fairness in football, changing the game forever

Fall 2011

Raising Children

UVA professors share advice about the hardest job in the world

UVA professors share parenting advice backed up by research.

Fall 2011

At Home in History

Pavilion residents bring personal touches to revered buildings

What's it like to live in one of America's most historic places?

Fall 2011

Our National Time Bomb

A guide to the U.S. fiscal outlook

UVA experts explain the debt and deficit and their possible consequences for America.

University Digest

Fall 2011

Business As (Un)usual

In tough economic times, starting a business may seem like a risky venture, especially in...

Fall 2011

News Briefs

UVA Home to New Nanotechnology Center UVA is taking a big step in matters that...

Fall 2011

Welcome, Michael

Michael Strine, UVA’s new executive vice president and chief operating officer, knows he...

Fall 2011

Up, Up and Away

{article_images_2} During the University’s 182nd Final Exercises, 6,248 degrees were conferred to the...

Fall 2011

Thank You, Leonard

Long before Leonard Sandridge retired in July after 44 years at the University, signs of his...


Fall 2011

Balance of Power

During her first year at UVA, Simone Asque pounded opponents with such force and regularity...

Fall 2011

Out of the Park

April 23: The UVA Polo Club’s men’s team beats Cornell 28-14 to...


Fall 2011

Chick Lit Flick

You know you’ve arrived when you have a cameo in a movie based...

Fall 2011

Jewel Box in the Woods

When architect Olle Lundberg (Arch ‘79) bought 16 acres overlooking the virgin forests of the Gualala...

Fall 2011

New & Notable

Legacy of the Gray Ghost Gerry Zimmerman (Col ’59) Road Scholar Publishing Group The legend of...

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1825: Old School

The University held its first classes in 1825 with a faculty of eight and 68 students.

Witness to Revolution

Jia Tolentino (Col '09), member of the Peace Corps, survives the April 2010 coup in Kyrgystan

Admission FAQs

Admission FAQs

How do alumni play a role in the undergraduate admission process?

Pregame Talks

Pregame Talks

Lecture series offers insightful programs on game days

Starting Smarter

State-funded preschool programs improve performance of young students