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April 2015
The Cosmic Issue: Secrets of the Spring Skies, Galactic Bones and Space Mountain

February 2015
Love Among the Equations; Monticello Redux; The Shocking Truth

January 2015
The Storytellers Edition


November 2014
The Faculty Issue

October 2014
The Technology Issue

August 2014
The Alumni Experts Edition

July 2014
The U.Va. Fan Issue

May 2014
The Photography Issue

April 2014
The Spring Edition

February 2014
The Self-Improvement Issue

January 2014
2013: Year in Review


November 2013
The Work Edition

October 2013
The Halloween Issue

August 2013
17 Things to Love About Charlottesville in the Summer

July 2013
Summer School Comes to U.Va. Magazine

May 2013
Greetings from Charlottesville

April 2013
The Top 5 Edition

February 2013
The Apps Edition

January 2013
Special Edition: Honor at a Crossroads


November 2012
The Food Edition

October 2012
The Scary Edition

August 2012
The Extreme Edition

July 2012
Special Edition: From Resignation to Reinstatement

May 2012
Feature: Lady Gaga & Professor Dewey Cornell Battle Bullies

April 2012
Feature: Keeping Up With the Jeffersons (meet the men who impersonate our founder)

February 2012
Feature: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Club (curious and notable dates in U.Va. history)

January 2012
Feature: 14 Things to Love about C'ville in Winter


December 2011
Feature: U.Va Holiday Gift Guide (something for every Hoo on your list!)

October 2011
Feature: Frank Ward (Educ ‘53) watched as the Hindenburg burst into flames

September 2011
Feature: U.Va. chef uses pig’s ear to win national competition

July 2011
Feature: Love on Grounds

June 2011
Feature: Special Summer Music Issue

April 2011
Feature: Think you know U.Va.? Prove it.

March 2011
Feature: The Coolest Websites

January 2011
Feature: The Most Important Man in the NFL?


December 2010
Feature: The 10th Annual Lighting of the Lawn

October 2010
Feature: U-V-A! Cheerleaders build school spirit, one pyramid at a time

September 2010
Feature: More “How To”: Helpful Advice from Alumni and Faculty Experts

July 2010
Feature: The Girl in the Window

June 2010
Feature: Summer Reading- Books to read at the beach

April 2010
Feature: The State of Our Unions: Five Tips for Marital Bliss

March 2010
Feature: 15 Reasons to Love C’ville in the Spring

January 2010
Feature: Top 10 Stories of 2009


December 2009
Feature: Ye Olde Civility Project: Naughty or Nice? A guide to holiday etiquette with George Washington

October 2009
Feature: What was it like to be one of the University’s first black students?

September 2009
Feature: 16 Things to Love about C’ville in the Fall

July 2009
Feature: Summer Like You’ve Never Seen it Before

June 2009
Feature: Scaling Kilimanjaro, An audio slideshow of Liz Freer’s emotional journey to the top of Africa’s tallest mountain

April 2009
Feature: Speed Dating Sparks Creative Collaboration

March 2009
Feature: Our Miss America

January 2009
Feature: Top Stories of 2008


December 2008
Feature: The Twelve Days of Winter Break

October 2008
Feature: McCain or Obama?

Feature: What’s Happening at my University?

July 2008
Feature: Where in the World is Thomas Jefferson?

June 2008
Feature: The “Bad Boys” of Collegiate A Capella

April 2008
Feature: What we learned on Rugby Road

March 2008

Feature: When a robot makes music, what does it sound like?

January 2008
Feature: The top ten U.Va. stories of 2007. Also, where are your New Year’s resolutions?


December 2007
Special Issue: ‘Tis the season for movies

October 2007
Feature: Can civil discourse be saved?

September 2007
Special Issue: Saying goodbye to summer

July 2007
Feature: Summer in C’ville Slideshow

June 2007
Feature: A quick guide to the best of graduation

April 2007
Feature: Can Wikipedia Be Trusted?