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July 2016

From Time to Time: See the evolution of spots around Grounds
2016 UVA Olympians: 18 past and present Wahoos compete in Rio

May 2016: Pomp & Circumstance

The Honors of Honor: Take a look back at how Final Exercises have been celebrated in the past century.

April 2016: Hoops and dreams—the season in perspective

So Close: Heartbreak ends Men’s Basketball season marked with triumph

February 2016: It’s About Time

Around the Clocks: See the way we mark time on Grounds
The History of Calendars: How astronomy, religion and ego led to what hangs on our walls today
Organized Time: Time management tips from some of UVA’s busiest folks

January 2016: The Best of 2015
Virginia Magazine’s team of editors explores hundreds of story ideas each year. Only a small portion makes it into the magazine; even fewer made this list. From UVA's youngest student to vintage advertising and 3-D bioprinters, here's a collection of our favorite stories from 2015.


November 2015: Taking a Ride with UTS

Hoos on the Bus: We hopped on a bus and asked passengers to share their stories
Smooth Operation: A by-the-numbers look at what it takes to keep the fleet running
Beyond the Bus: The past, present and future of on-Grounds transportation

October 2015: The Supernatural Edition
Ghost World, a look at the supernatural through the lens of six academic disciplines

August 2015:  Old School Advertising
Explore more than 80 vintage ads, with historical commmentary from BackStory's Brian Balogh

July 2015: The Ice Cream Edition
The Straight Scoop
Make It Like Monticello
Brain Freeze

May 2015: The Books Edition
Raising Readers
Follow that Book!
Guilty Pleasure Reads

April 2015:  The Cosmic Issue
Secrets of the Spring Skies
Galactic Bones
Space Mountain

February 2015
Love Among the Equations
Monticello Redux
The Shocking Truth

January 2015:  The Storytellers Edition
Podcast People
The Doctor Will Hear You Now
Telling Stories, Digitally


November 2014:  The Faculty Issue
We Come from Old Virginia

October 2014:  The Technology Issue
They Are Coming for Your Job
Look Ma, No Batteries!
Do the Robot

August 2014:  The Alumni Experts Edition
Alumni tell you how to:
Survive in the Wilderness (with kids)
Train for a Triathlon
Be a Mad Man
Start a Company Without Losing Your Shirt
Make Ice Cream with a Law Degree + Start Your Own Little Homestead

July 2014:  The UVA Fan Issue
Greatest Moments in UVA Sports History (and some we'd like to forget)
What Are the Chances?

May 2014:  The Photography Issue
Snap, Post, Repeat
What Your Smart Phone Photos Can't Do
Top Picks by the University's Top Photographer

April 2014:  The Spring Edition
Want to Make Flowers Bloom?
Your Soundtrack to Spring
Start Celebrating

February 2014:  The Self-Improvement Issue
Deal with Stress
Find Your Passion
Eat Mindfully

January 2014:  2013: Year in Review
Year in Photos
Top Tweets from @UVa_Alumni
Most Liked on Facebook
Top 5 Videos
Top Stories on uvamagazine.com
Top Instagram Photos
Most Repinned Pins
Year in Sports Photos
Top Books Sold at UVA Bookstore


November 2013:  The Work Edition
What Are You Going to Do with that Major?
Your Office Chair Is Killing You
Averting Public Speaking Disasters

October 2013:  The Halloween Issue
Are We Alone?
The Mystery of Brooks Hall
There's Something Strange in Your Neighborhood

August 2013:  The Summer Fun Edition
17 Things to Love About Charlottesville in the Summer

July 2013:  The Summer School Edition
What to Read This Summer
Crash Courses
Flight of the Cicadas

May 2013:  Greetings from Charlottesville
Charlottesville Then & Now

April 2013:  The Top 5 Edition
—Sports:  Men's Leading Scorers, Women's Leading Scorers, Influential Alumni
—Grounds:  Quirks, Vanished Traditions, Overlooked Gems
—Students:  Dining Hall Foods, Bookstore Purchases, Majors

February 2013:  The Apps Edition
Friday Night Apps
The Perils of a Plugged-In Life
There's an App for That

January 2013:  Honor at a Crossroads
Why Does the Honor Committee Believe Its Proposal Is Needed?
How Would It Change the Honor System?


November 2012:  The Food Edition
The Jefferson Thanksgiving Challenge
The Farm-to-Table Butcher
100-Mile Feast

October 2012:  The Scary Edition
Ghost Stories
It's Alive!
Battling the Black Widow

August 2012:  The Extreme Edition
Extreme Makeover:  The Academical Village
Extreme Science
Extreme Sports

July 2012:  From Resignation to Reinstatement
A special edition on President Sullivan's resignation and subsequent reinstatement
What Happened
What You Said
How You Said It

May 2012
Lady Gaga & Professor Dewey Cornell Battle Bullies
Can Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment Prevent Crime?
Theater as You've Never Seen It Before

April 2012
Keeping Up With the Jeffersons
Mammoth Undertaking
Southern Exposure

February 2012
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Club
Barbie Breaks Bad
Six Student Leaders

January 2012
14 Things to Love about C'ville in Winter
In the Age of Slavery
Science You Can Use


December 2011
Our Holiday Gift Guide
10 Reasons to Love 2011
From Center Court to Cover

October 2011
Witness to Disaster
How to Keep New Hires
Virginia Trading Cards

September 2011
Bringing Home the Bacon
Putting a Roof over the Band
World's HIghest Clinic

July 2011:  The Love Edition
Falling in Love on Grounds
UVA Professors Define Our Grandest Emotion
How to Write a Love Poem

June 2011:  The Summer Music Issue
Rockin' the Grounds
On the air with WTJU
Music and dance from Africa come to UVA
Rockumentary Live from the Hook
The Most Amazing Instrument You've Never Heard Of

April 2011
Think You Know UVA?  Prove It
At the Ends of the Earth
Who Are We Becoming?

March 2011
The Coolest Websites
Did Social Networking Spur a Revolution?
Meet the Presidents

January 2011
The Most Important Man in the NFL?
Year in Review
Health Myths Dispelled


December 2010
All the Hoos in Hooville
What Do the Midterm Election Results Mean?
Nine Strategies to Manage Holiday Spending

October 2010
U-V-A!  Cheerleaders build school spirit, one pyramid at a time
Singing Sailor
Four Ways to Protect Your Money

September 2010
More “How To”: Helpful Advice from Alumni and Faculty Experts
Window treatments:  6,500 at a time
The band Birdlips records an album on the road

July 2010
The Girl in the Window
Treetop Playground
The Mayor of Summertime

June 2010
Summer Reading
Outdoor Entertaining Made Simple
Bookplates of the Rich and Famous

April 2010
The State of Our Unions: Five Tips for Marital Bliss
Stroll the Mall?  Streak the Lawn?
Director Gregg Helvey (Col '01) goes to the Oscars

March 2010
15 Reasons to Love C'ville in Spring
Queen for a Day
Are you as smart as UVA's Jeopardy contestants?

January 2010
Top 10 Stories of 2009
Spicy Literature
Rotunda:  The Movie


December 2009
Ye Olde Civility Project
Pioneer of Beer
Mike London takes charge of Virginia football

October 2009
What was it like to be one of the University's first black students?
Inside the Scrum
Who makes the TV shows you love?

September 2009
16 Things to Love about C'ville in Fall
Artists use bio-fuel bus to deliver message about food and sustainability
¿Habla Español?

July 2009
Why Do Couples Break Up?
Summer like you've never seen it before
Playground smack-down

June 2009
Scaling Kilimanjaro
Modern Slavery
The World's Hottest Nerd?

April 2009
Speed-dating sparks creative collaboration
"Love is a Mix Tape"
What does Veronica Nolan have in common with 1,000 high school students?

March 2009
Speed Racers
Our Miss America
She flies fast

January 2009
Top Stories of 2008
Who is Kitty Landers?
Preaching Activism
Elephant Speak


December 2008
The Twelve Days of Winter Break
Hoos In Office
Are Our Children Spoiled?
What To Do?

October 2008
Feature: McCain or Obama?

September 2008
Feature: What’s Happening at my University?

July 2008
Feature: Where in the World is Thomas Jefferson?

June 2008
Feature: The “Bad Boys” of Collegiate A Capella

April 2008
Feature: What we learned on Rugby Road

March 2008
Feature: When a robot makes music, what does it sound like?

January 2008
Feature: The top ten UVA stories of 2007. Also, where are your New Year’s resolutions?


December 2007
Special Issue: ‘Tis the season for movies

October 2007
Feature: Can civil discourse be saved?

September 2007
Special Issue: Saying goodbye to summer

July 2007
Feature: Summer in C’ville Slideshow

June 2007
Feature: A quick guide to the best of graduation

April 2007
Feature: Can Wikipedia Be Trusted?