Amy Price Azano (Educ ’09) an assistant professor in Virginia Tech’s School of Education, and Carolyn Callahan, a professor in UVA’s Curry School of Education, have received a $2 million federal grant to study gifted education for rural students. Their program, Promoting PLACE, aims to increase the number of rural students in gifted programs, especially in high-poverty school districts. Ms. Azano and Ms. Callahan will work with rural school districts in Virginia to identify gifted and talented students and develop high-quality language arts units to serve those students capable of advanced work.

Posted 05/22/2015

Hilah Barbot (Col ’09 L/M) has received a 2015 Innovation in Teaching award from Symantec and Teach for America for College Writing Buddies, a program she founded with fellow teacher Adam Kohler. The program pairs middle-school students with Tulane University freshmen who digitally tutor and offer thorough, detailed feedback on the younger students’ writing projects. Ms. Barbot is a science teacher at KIPP Central City Academy in New Orleans.

Posted 11/16/2015

James N. Cocola (Grad ’09) has released Places in the Making: A Cultural Geography of American Poetry (University of Iowa Press). The book maps a range of 20th- and 21st-century American poets who have used language to evoke the world at various scales. The poetics under consideration, distinct from related traditions such as landscape, nature and pastoral poetry, centers on particular engagements with actual places.

Posted 08/19/2016

Andrew N. Ferguson (Col ’09, Law ’12) is a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for the 2016 term. He is taking a break from his work as an associate at the Bancroft law firm in Washington, D.C., where he is an appellate litigator. He previously practiced antitrust and competition law at Covington & Burling.

Posted 08/19/2016

Alexandra Vuxton Guest (Col ’09 L/M) and Robert B. Guest (Com ’10 L/M) welcomed a daughter, Everly Cynthia, on Aug. 22, 2015. Mr. Guest recently graduated from Harvard Law School and the family is relocating to Virginia.

Posted 08/26/2015

Kevin LaPorta (Engr ’09) and Jennifer Murphy LaPorta (Col ’10 L/M) welcomed a daughter, Lillian Ann, on April 6, 2016. The family resides in Philadelphia, where Mr. LaPorta is a manager at KPMG and Dr. LaPorta is a family medicine resident at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Posted 06/07/2016

Eric Stephen Magenheimer (Com ’09 L/M) and Christina Marie Polenta (Com ’09 L/M) were married in Charlottesville on Aug. 29, 2015. The couple lives in Chicago, where Ms. Polenta works as a senior analyst for a Chicago-based hedge fund and Mr. Magenheimer is pursuing an MBA degree at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

Posted 08/24/2015

Kristin Marshaleck (Com ’09) and her husband, Andrew Marshaleck (Com ’10), welcomed a son, Tucker Blaine, on October 25, 2015. The family lives in Moseley, Virginia.

Posted 06/04/2016

Maria McLemore (Col ’09 L/M) and Travis Behan were married on Dec. 31, 2015, in Norfolk, Virginia. Ms. Behan is the daughter of John McLemore (Law ’79 L/M) and sister of Bollie McLemore (Col ’11 L/M) and Jamie McLemore (Col ’14, Educ ’14 L/M). The couple lives in Durham, North Carolina, where Ms. Behan is a marketing manager with GlaxoSmithKline and Mr. Behan is a senior consultant with Deloitte.

Posted 06/07/2016

Christina Polenta (Com ’09 L/M) has been promoted to managing director at JHL Capital Group, a Chicago-based hedge fund.

Posted 04/05/2016

D. Bryan Starrett Jr. (Law ’09) has been named to Triad Business Journal’s 2015 “40 Leaders Under Forty” list, an annual listing of the region’s top young professionals. Mr. Starrett is an attorney in the Greensboro, North Carolina, office of Brooks Pierce McLendon Humphrey & Leonard, where his practice includes business litigation, corporate law, compliance and internal investigations and employment law.

Posted 05/22/2015