Paige Anderson (Com ’07, Law ’13 L/M) and her husband, Marc, welcomed a daughter, Mackenzie Corbin, on July 6, 2016. Mackenzie is the first grandchild of John Nichols (Col ’78 L/M) and Suzanne Nichols (Educ ’79, ’84 L/M). The Andersons live in Richmond, Virginia.

Posted 09/14/2016

Matthew Louis Baer (Col ’07 L/M) and Elizaveta Budko (Col ’10) were married on March 29, 2015, in Morris Township, New Jersey. Jonathan Falk (Col ’07) officiated. The couple lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Posted 04/15/2015

Jeremy Edwards Branch (Col ’07 L/M) and Melissa DeMott Branch (Col ’08, Educ ’08) welcomed a son, Henry Emerson, on March 15, 2015. Henry joins big brother Jeremiah Edwards. The family lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Posted 08/26/2015

Casey Chalk (Col ’07, Educ ’07) and his wife, Claire, welcomed a son, Thomas Peter, on Aug. 24, 2015. Thomas joins big sister Annemarie Frances, 2. The family lives in Bangkok.

Posted 11/16/2015

T. Henry Clarke V (Col ’07 L/M) and Adeline “Addie” McKinney Clarke (Col ’07 L/M) welcomed a son, Thomas Henry Clarke VI, on Sept. 27, 2015. The family lives in Lynchburg, Virginia, where Ms. Clarke is a trusts and estates attorney and Mr. Clarke is the director of major gifts for the Virginia Episcopal School.

Posted 02/26/2016

Katie Cristol (Col ’07 L/M) was elected to a four-year term on the Arlington, Virginia, County Board, a five-member governing board. She lives with her husband, Steve Giballa (Col ’06) in Arlington’s Columbia Pike corridor.

Posted 12/04/2015

Yingge Du (Engr ’07) has received a 2016 Early Career Research Program grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. He works at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the materials science division, where he studies transition metal oxides—very thin materials with applications including energy capture, storage and conversion.

Posted 08/19/2016

William L. Duke III (Engr ’07) and Megan A. Machich (Col ’09) were married September 10, 2016, in Richmond, Virginia. Mr. Duke is a consultant with Spy Pond Partners, and Ms. Machich is a specialty dermatology representative with LEO Pharma. The couple plan to remain in Richmond.

Posted 11/22/2016

Rory Francisco (Col ’07 L/M) and his wife, Kristin, welcomed a son, Charles Theodore, on Jan. 8, 2015. The family resides in Richmond, Virginia.

Posted 05/22/2015

Marc Charles Heisel (Engr ’07) and Ariel Brianne King (Engr ’13 L/M) were married on March 12, 2016, at the UVA Chapel. The couple lives in Frederick, Maryland, where Mr. Heisel is a manufacturing engineer for Phoenix Mecano. Ms. King is a systems engineer for L-3 Communications in Leesburg, Virginia.

Posted 06/07/2016

Roma Kaundal (Col ’07 L/M) and her husband, Siddharth Kumar, welcomed a son, Devin, on May 17, 2016. The family lives in New York City, where Ms. Kaundal works in the executive office at the Council on Foreign Relations and Mr. Kumar is a software engineer at Morgan Stanley. Devin is the nephew of Rishika Kaundal (Col ’04 L/M).

Posted 06/11/2016

Lyn Langman (Com ’07, Com ’08 L/M) and Michael Langman (Com ’07, ’08 L/M) welcomed a son, Matthew Robert, on Nov. 17, 2015. The family resides in Virginia Beach. Ms. Langman works as manager at the Capital Group, and Mr. Langman works as a senior manager at KPMG.

Posted 02/17/2016

Mary Whelan Lovely (Col ’07 L/M) and her husband, Christopher, welcomed a daughter, Emily Catherine, on Jan. 5, 2016. Emily joins sister Claire Ellen, 1, and is the granddaughter of William J. Whelan III (Col ’80). The family resides in Sugar Land, Texas.

Posted 02/22/2016

Adam Matthews (Engr ’07 L/M) and Blair Reilly Matthews (Com ’07 L/M) welcomed a daughter, Kathryn “Kate” Virginia, on Aug. 12, 2015. Kate is the granddaughter of Melanie Miller Reilly (Col ’79, Law ’82 L/M) and Craig Reilly (Law ’81 L/M). The family lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Posted 09/12/2015

Frances Gardiner McCorkle (Col ’07, Law ’12 L/M) and Anthony Michael Segura were married September 6, 2015. Ms. Segura is attorney adviser at the Social Security Administration in Roanoke, Virginia, and Mr. Segura works at the law firm of Strickland, Diviney & Segura in Roanoke, where they now live.

Posted 11/22/2016

S. Adeline “Addie” McKinney (Col ’07 L/M) and T. Henry Clarke V (Col ’07 L/M) were married June 28, 2014, at Ladue Chapel in St. Louis. The couple lives in Lynchburg, Virginia, where Ms. Clarke is a trusts and estates attorney and Mr. Clarke is director of major gifts for Virginia Episcopal School. The wedding party included bridesmaids Mary Ashton Burgh (Col ’07), Caroline Batchelor McLean (Col ’07 L/M), Victoria Lockhart Katz (Col ’07), groomsmen Stuart Farrell (Com ’07 L/M), Peter Goodwin (Col ’07), Davar Irvani (Col ’07 L/M), and William McLean (Col ’07). Gretchen Nygaard (Col ’06, Law ’11 L/M) served as a reader

Posted 08/24/2015

Sarah Nalls Meadows (Col ’07 L/M) and Scott F. Meadows (Engr ’08, Darden ’15 L/M) welcomed a son, Avery Thomas, on June 9, 2015. The family has moved from Charlottesville to New York City, where Mr. Meadows works for Goldman Sachs.

Posted 07/18/2015

Kristen Meletti (Col ’07 L/M) and David Peacock (Col ’07) were married July 2, 2016, at the UVA Chapel. The wedding party included Katie Daughtry (Col ’07), Kamaren Suwijn (Col ’06), Josh Singer (Col ’06 L/M) and Eric Ball (Col ’08 L/M). Mr. Peacock’s grandmother Phyllis Curt, who served on UVA’s nursing faculty from 1950 to 1954, was also in attendance.

Posted 11/22/2016

Marissa Moore (Col ’07) and Jerome L. Moore (Engr ’07 L/M) welcomed a son, Aidan Thomas, on April 21, 2016. Aidan joins brother Ashton, 2. The family lives in Dallas.

Posted 04/22/2016

Kathleen O’Brien (Col ’07, Educ ’08) is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. A former high school teacher, she recently released her debut comedy album, The Important Thing Is That I’m Pretty, under the name Kat Radley. She performs at clubs and colleges across the country and made her first television appearance on Laughs on Fox.

Posted 10/26/2015

Desiree Davis Stolar (Col ’07 L/M) has earned an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. While at Harvard, she was part of a team that created Unshrinkit, a patent-pending product that helps unshrink wool clothing that has shrunk in the dryer.

Posted 09/16/2015

Devon Winkles (Col ’07) and David Glaser were married on Oct. 3, 2015, at Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Ms. Winkles is the daughter of Jeffrey Winkles (Grad ’83). The bride’s sister, Jessica Winkles (Col ’05 L/M), served as matron of honor. The couple lives in Washington, D.C., where Ms. Winkles is an attorney at Kelley Drye & Warren and Mr. Glaser is a senior manager at Uber.

Posted 10/07/2015