The University of Virginia Health System has opened a Hand Center to treat conditions related to a wide range of ailments, including trauma, arthritis, nerve injuries, cancer, sports and overuse injuries. The UVA Hand Center team also handles workers’ compensation cases for patients with workplace injuries involving their hands or upper extremities.

“The hand has a beautiful and complex anatomy confined to small spaces. Its repair requires a deep understanding of its parts along with a meticulous use of technique and equipment,” said Dr. Abhinav “Bobby” Chhabra, vice chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Health System.

“People don’t realize how important their hands are until they have an issue,” said Chhabra, who is also division head for Hand and Upper Extremity Surgery and medical director of the new Hand Center. “Problems or injuries can affect work, sports, the ability to touch and other aspects of life.” 

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