The events of the summer leadership crisis at the University of Virginia — when the governing board asked the president to resign, then changed its mind and reinstated her — prompted some probing questions from its accrediting agency.

The day before UVA President Teresa Sullivan regained her job, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) sent a letter to the university raising concerns about the president's dismissal and questioning the school’s compliance in three areas: integrity, governing board control, and the faculty role in governance. UVA originally had until July 31 to respond, but that deadline was extended to Friday.

In a response dated Thursday, the UVA Board of Visitors states that while the process of ousting and reinstating Sullivan "was flawed" and that "constituencies felt excluded," the board was at all times in "full compliance with the [SACS] Commission's expressed expectations, Virginia law, the University's Board Manual, and University policy."

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