The University of Virginia's student council has unanimously passed a resolution to bar co-eds from inserting the word "not" before the word "gay" (meaning "happy") in the school's song, which is performed at athletic events.

As Outsports reports, UVA students have been inserting the word in the school's traditional "Good Ol' Song" since the 1970s, but previous calls to change the practice have fallen on deaf ears.

Not so this time, the report notes.

"Using the proposed resolution, Council seeks to take a stand against the chanting of the unscripted phrase -- a phrase that members see as contrary to the safe and welcoming environment the university seeks to provide to all its students," Emily Hutt and Jordan Bower of UVA's Cavalier Daily report. "Council members said they hoped the legislation would be a step toward ending disrespectful or derogatory acts toward LGBTQ communities and supporters."

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