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John Yoo, the author of the controversial so-called torture memos, made a few speeches in Charlottesville Friday.

His first stop was at the University of Virginia’s Miller Center. Protesters spoke out before he even got to the podium. Officials from the center said the response was unlike anything they’ve ever seen there before.

Protesters shouted out over the crowd, and several in the crowd shouted back. “You are violating our rights to listen to this man,” one said.

Eventually, Yoo took the stage to talk about his new book, Crisis and Command, a history of executive power from George Washington to George W. Bush.

Yoo took the entire ordeal in stride. “I would like to, I think, thank you for the invitation to speak here,” Yoo said. Yoo continued to talk in between outbursts from protesters, including several who were escorted out by police.

“One thing I very much believe actually is that if you serve in the government, you have a responsibility to explain why we made the decisions that we did, but if you prevent me from giving the answers, you’re never going to hear them,” Yoo said.

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