The Honor Committee unanimously amended its bylaws Sunday evening to provide for the temporary implementation of the informed retraction amendment, which passed by the student body during elections this past week.

Marshall Bronfin for the Cavalier Daily
The amendment, proposed by second-year Law student Frank Bellamy, gives students who are reported for an honor offense the opportunity to admit guilt and leave the University for two semesters under informed retraction.

Honor Committee Chair Stephen Nash, a fourth-year College student, said Bellamy’s amendment left out many details about how the proposal was to be implemented, including the date on which the amendment would take effect.

The bylaw change immediately implements the version of informed retraction included in the Honor Committee’s Restore the Ideal Act — which was rejected by a margin of 41 to 59 percent last week — and allows the incoming Honor Committee to pass permanent bylaw changes on or before May 1.

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